Infrastructure is the backbone of economic development and hence is one of our main focus areas.

We highlight the major on-going and new infrastructure projects in different countries and regions of Africa and their potential impact on the economic growth of the continent and the world.

We look at various projects and their impact on regional and global economy. We also try to highlight the project financiers and their particular economic interests are in those regions and what that means.

Latest Infrastructure News

President Hichilema, Zambia in Angola for State-Visit and AfCFTA cooperation discussion

Zambia president Hakainde Hichilema arrived recently in Luanda for a 72-hour state visit at

World Bank projects an impressive 8.0% growth for SENEGAL in 2023

The World Bank projects an impressive 2023 for Senegal’s economy, thanks to a thriving oil and

Unmasking Africa’s predating donor from East Asia – China

The late Kenyan Scholar  Prof Ali Mazrui’s documentary ‘Africa- A Triple Heritage’,

Africa’s Upsurge

y makes its way into the big league of Nations with the

Infrastructural Projects in Africa

Just sample these. Transport costs are 100 per cent higher in Africa.