Infrastructure is the backbone of economic development and hence is one of our main focus areas.

We highlight the major on-going and new infrastructure projects in different countries and regions of Africa and their potential impact on the economic growth of the continent and the world.

We look at various projects and their impact on regional and global economy. We also try to highlight the project financiers and their particular economic interests are in those regions and what that means.

Latest Infrastructure News

DR Congo crisis: EAC leaders meet in Addis to talk PEACE

East African Leaders on Friday, participated in a Mini-Summit on Peace and

MTN commits to $1 bln Ghana investment after government scraps tax claim

MTN Group (MTNJ.J) will invest $1 billion in Ghana over the next five years,

In case you missed it: World’s LONGEST Subsea Cable, 2Africa, landed in Africa last December and goes live this YEAR

A consortium of big name tech firms have succeeded in expanding Internet connectivity for the African

Accelerating Africa’s Infrastructure Development is core at the 2nd Dakar Financing Summit 2023

For Africa to develop world-class infrastructure, key stakeholders – governments, business, investors and development partners must come

Gambia is getting ready for serious BUSINESS and its airport VVIP lounge is Now 92% complete

The Gambia OIC Secretariat and its stakeholders are delighted to announce that works at

How AFRICA’s economy compares to the European Union’s $16 trillion economy

The European Union has the third-largest economy in the world, accounting for one-sixth of global trade. All together,

President Hichilema, Zambia in Angola for State-Visit and AfCFTA cooperation discussion

Zambia president Hakainde Hichilema arrived recently in Luanda for a 72-hour state visit at

World Bank projects an impressive 8.0% growth for SENEGAL in 2023

The World Bank projects an impressive 2023 for Senegal’s economy, thanks to a thriving oil and

Unmasking Africa’s predating donor from East Asia – China

The late Kenyan Scholar  Prof Ali Mazrui’s documentary ‘Africa- A Triple Heritage’,