Manufacturing sector has been growing faster than the global average over the last few decades and is said be the most likely to propel economic development and bring wealth in sub saharan Africa especially given the fact that it is well endowed with natural resources that has alsways been exploited by the more industrialised nations.

We capture this trend in a series of captivating articles.

Latest Industry News

World Bank projects an impressive 8.0% growth for SENEGAL in 2023

The World Bank projects an impressive 2023 for Senegal’s economy, thanks to a thriving oil and

A CALL to ACTION! Building downstream capacity for critical minerals in Africa

Demand for critical minerals—bauxite, cobalt, copper, lithium, nickel, and other minerals that underpin solar, wind, geothermal, and other forms of renewable energy and

Africa could make €1 TRILLION of Green Hydrogen a YEAR, EIB Says

Africa has the potential to produce €1 trillion ($1.06 trillion) worth of green

ICPAK lands in Rome in pursuit of excellence

ICPAK Kenya recently held its sixth C-suite seminar in Rome-Italy in a

South Africa: Time to be fashionable

The south African Government, through their consulate general in Milan this year

Africa: The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and what it means for the continent

The African continent made a major historic move towards a long-held dream

Kenya’s mining industry is open for investment

Although Kenya is an economic powerhouse in the Eastern Africa region, its

Unmasking Africa’s predating donor from East Asia – China

The late Kenyan Scholar  Prof Ali Mazrui’s documentary ‘Africa- A Triple Heritage’,

Mobile Money : Kenya’s Revolutionary  Discovery

Paying for a taxi ride using your mobile phone is now easier